Why Sophie la Girafe Babycare?

It’s simple – the same joy and love that Sophie brings to so many little ones and their families should extend to everything that touches their skin.

A baby’s skin is extremely delicate, fragile and impressionable…

…meaning anything applied to it can and should make a long-lasting, positive impact.

Sophie la Girafe Babycare was designed to nurture your little one’s skin as they grow with kind ingredients, rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that lovingly nourish and support.

For the Gentlest Skin On The Planet

Each carefully crafted product is formulated to support the skin’s natural barrier while helping comfort common skin concerns that can take away from the happy, playful times spent with the newest addition to your family.


Thoughtfully Designed

Sophie la Girafe Babycare is formulated to the highest safety standards while taking into careful consideration common packaging frustrations parents, grandparents and family members alike experience.

Each product is not only easy to dispense and apply – they’re designed with a #onehandonthebaby approach in mind, further ensuring the utmost safety during bath time and all other nurturing moments.

Lovingly Safe

Sophie la Girafe Babycare’s commitment to little ones and their families is all about safety, and that starts with what we put in our products. Everything that touches their skin should make a positive impact - every day, every month and every year of development, encouraging smiles, giggles, and lots of kisses along the way. Each of our kind-to-skin ingredient falls in line with what babies need most.

Meet Our Creator

Adrienne Kramer, a grandmother of 3 knows what little ones and their families need.

A C-Level Executive turned Entrepreneur with decades of experience building product and service companies in the beauty and health & wellness categories, Adrienne brings an in-depth knowledge of skincare and cosmetic formulation to Sophie la Girafe Babycare.

As a chemical engineer, she crafted Sophie la Girafe Babycare’s packaging around common frustrations her son and many other families experience when using and applying traditional baby products. From innovative bottle pumps designed for easy one-hand dispensing and convenient wipe packs that consecutively dispense and prevent dry-out, each product promotes a #onehandonthebaby safety approach.

Her passion for safety, clean & effective formulations, and family-friendly packaging mean you can focus on what matters most: the health and happiness of your little one. 

Our Product Promise

Kind-To-Skin Ingredients

Gentle Cleansing Agents
Barrier-Boosting Moisturizers
Defensive Antioxidants
Lightweight Hydrators
Calming Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Never, ever ever

Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde Releasors, Petrolatum, Fragrance, Plastics, Dyes, Drying Alcohols, Heavy Metals, Nuts and Nut-Derivatives
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