Chatting with Sophie la Girafe Babycare Creator, Adrienne

Chatting with Sophie la Girafe Babycare Creator, Adrienne

Chatting with Sophie la Girafe Babycare Creator, Adrienne

As a grandmother of 2 (soon to be 3!), Adrienne knows what’s required to keep your little one and their skin happy and healthy looking. With a decades-spanning career building beauty and wellness brands partnered with a background in Chemical Engineering, she created Sophie la Girafe Babycare - a lovingly safe and thoughtfully designed product assortment for the gentlest skin on the planet.

Let’s check in with her to learn a little bit more about the what’s and why’s behind the brand.

What inspired you to create a babycare line?

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, it was the grandmother of invention….   Both of my kids became parents not too long ago. I knew there were a lot of items in the market for baby care products.  Yet, I knew there were still opportunities to improve upon them in multiple ways using my education and experience as a chemical engineer focused on personal care products. I thought there was a way to bring the best available, cleanest formulas, and simplest, safest products to the market. My son was instrumental in pointing out all the things that could be improved with travel wipes alone. So you'll see that we created a better way to take wipes and baby products in the car, the stroller, or on a short vacation. It was thinking of just the simplest things that helped improve the lives of new parents. And of course, the babies too.

Why as an extension of the Sophie la Girafe brand?

Sophie la girafe© is an iconic brand. My daughter had shared with me that it was her go-to gift for new moms and dads-to-be when she found out her friends were expecting. She explained to me that it was one of the leading toy and teether lines that remained true to its heritage and one that she could always feel was going to be the safest product for a newborn. Knowing that this was such a great brand and had such awareness around the globe, it became the brand that we wanted to partner with.

How did your background as a Chemical Engineer come into play when developing the line?

I feel as though this was the thing that separated us from everybody else in the market. It's easy for me to look at an ingredient list and know just how good the formula is, how clean, and how safe it is. The tougher part, particularly during COVID, was finding the right supply chain partners to be able to create amazing products at reasonable price points so that most consumers could afford to buy them. This was far more of a challenge than I ever thought it would be and I completely underestimated the process. But I would never settle. So what should have taken us nine months, actually took two full years. But I couldn't be prouder of what we are offering today.

What makes Sophie la Girafe Babycare’s formulas so unique/special in the babycare space?

Our formulas were created to meet really tough standards in the industry. Obviously, the formulas would never be created with synthetic fragrances and dyes, irritants, or any of the ingredients we would never put into an adult product like parabens, sulfates, etc. You can see our list of those in our About Us page.  We would never test on animals even if our namesake weren’t a giraffe.

My daughter worked with me to pick the various products that would be the start of the line. She even engaged some of her friends to review the various “must haves” to make sure we were on track.   Then, all of our products have been tested by the members of our family and I can’t thank them enough for their time and effort in helping.  They are my harshest critics so I know we’ve got something great.

As a grandmother yourself, what are some of your babycare pro-tips to share with new families?

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s suggestions.  Perhaps the one I will suggest is patience.  My daughter-in-law has the patience of a saint.  I watch her with my grandson and see how she gently nudges him into doing things that he just doesn’t want to d, even in the moments when he has that (rare) meltdown! 

Interested in sharing your favorite babycare product tips and tricks? We love hearing from you and seeing your little ones enjoy Sophie and Sophie la Girafe Babycare. Follow us on Instagram @sophielagirafebabycare and join in on the love.


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