New Year’s with New Moms: Meet Sahar and Sophia

New Year’s with New Moms: Meet Sahar and Sophia

New Year’s with New Moms: Meet Sahar and Sophia

As we prepare for the new year ahead, chances are we’re reflecting on all the experiences, learnings, and exciting new chapters that came our way in 2022, right?

For some, that was travel, a new job, or a big investment but for others, it was becoming a first-time mom, like our friend Sahar. We’re sitting down and spilling all the details of what it’s been like since welcoming little Sophia, all her newly discovered pro-tips and of course, all things Sophie la girafe. Check out the interview below:

You’re a new mommy! Tell us about how that experience has been for you.

I am! I can’t believe we’re almost to her first birthday too – where has the time gone? Becoming a mom has honestly been the most rewarding experience of my life. The best way I can describe it is that it’s almost like being reborn yourself. Having Sophia has helped me grow as a person and I truly feel I have a better understanding of people now. It’s funny because I didn’t know it was possible to love THIS much – my heart has grown beyond my wildest imagination with this little girl being in the center of it!

We know Sophia is a big fan of Sophie – did you know about Sophie la girafe pre-pregnancy?

I actually didn’t know about Sophie la girafe before pregnancy, no. It wasn’t until I was doing some online shopping while still pregnant with her that I came across the toy. Of course, it was super cute, and I loved the story but what really got me excited was the name. I knew well before my daughter arrived that I wanted to name her Sophie or Sophia, so seeing that name… I had to have it! We eventually landed on Sophia but call her Sophie for short, so it must have been meant to be!

When did you know Sophie was her favorite toy?

I knew Sophie was her favorite toy when she was around 4 months old. Believe me, as a first-time mommy we were fortunate enough to have been gifted every toy out there, so there was definitely a lot to choose from, but it was Sophie she would always go for. We could be sitting around a pile of options, but it was the only one she ever wanted. Still to this day, it’s her absolute must-have. I don’t think she or I could imagine going a day without Sophie!

What’s your experience been with Sophie la girafe Babycare so far?

We’ve been using the 99% Water Cleansing Baby Wipes and LOVE THEM! They’ve been a huge help and are great for diaper changes, wiping her hands, or even her face after a messy meal – really anything that requires a quick cleanup. I personally love that they are plant-based and use limited ingredients that we can recognize! 

Any new mommy tips to share?

Tons! But here are a few.

  1. Be patient with yourself. It’s 100% that you’re still learning how to navigate this new chapter.
  2. Sophia was a big daytime sleeper (11-12 hours) so I found the SNOO to be super helpful in getting us through a lot of nights in the very beginning. It taught us how to put her down sleepy versus asleep which helped her learn to put herself to sleep as she got older. 
  3. The most important tip in my opinion though is to always listen to your motherly instinct. Sometimes family members, friends, and even doctors can be dismissive of your fears or worries. Always advocate for your baby and push for answers and what feels right in your gut. Mothers know best! 

How has your experience been as a new mom and what advice, learnings or pro-tips would you like to share with our community? Let us know on Instagram @sophielagirafebabycare – we LOVE hearing from you!

Photo courtesy of @saharsray

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